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Tips to Consider Before Choosing The Best Boat Rental Company

Tips to Consider Before Choosing

The Best Boat Rental Company

There’s a very funny expression in Croatia commonly known between boat owners or perhaps everyday boaters which says that the best boat is the boat of your good friend! Sea sailing is an experience like no other and You’ll definitely have a blast with your friends, family or loved ones!

We all love boats but depending on the size they might be very expensive to buy, costly to keep and maintain on regular basis. Boats are always designed for specific purposes. Either for purposes like fishing or perhaps for private pleasure or for rental. I did some numbers and realized that if you don’t use your boat for at least 45 days per year it should be much wiser to rent a boat than to buy it and own it. Buying a boat should be a long-term investment, but it makes no sense to buy a boat if the said boat will hardly be used.

The good thing is that there are probably plenty of rental service near you where you can hire a boat for some time period. Rental companies usually rent boats per day, but mostly they have options for half-day rental or even per hour rental. That’s why you should try renting a boat with Dubrovnik Boat Rent this summer to enjoy the sparkling water, whether it’s for a relaxed day on the water or just a lazy afternoon cruise with your family. In any way, it is definitely a GREAT idea. We’ll be glad to help you to choose the best boat for you for your next summer adventure in Dubrovnik, but still, check out a few tips below when choosing a boat rentals service.

Boat’s Condition & Maintenance

Just the same as a car, the age and condition of a boat for hire is the key factor you should pay attention to whether you are looking to buy a used boat or you are looking for a boat for hire. That said, the impact of sea and salt can be brutal so it is very important that the boat is in perfect condition before hiring.

Good boat rental companies and boat rentals services have a regular boat maintenance schedule for their rental boats in order to ensure the safety of their guests and customers at all times. Indeed, the equipment breakdown can happen at any time but still do confirm that your boat rental service regularly maintains its boats.

The most important part of any boat, car, or basically and equipment is the engine. Regular maintenance and care do extend the engine life, but in any way, the engine is not going to last forever. Dubrovnik Boat Rent pay the most attention to this part of the boat to ensure the quality and safety of our boats.

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Safety Equipment

Planning and having the right boat safety equipment on board before going boating can make for a safer and more enjoyable boat trip. All boats are required by law to always carry specific boat safety equipment. The required boat safety equipment depends on the size and type of boat.

Dubrovnik Boat Rent boats have all the boat safety equipment specified by the Croatian Maritime Law which correlates with boat size and requirement. There are four types of mandatory safety equipment that any boater should be familiar with and know exactly how to use: Boat Safety Equipment, Personal Safety Equipment, Navigation Equipment and Distress Equipment.

As said, not all the boats have to have all the existing safety equipment, but all of them being small or big, must have the basic safety equipment and it must be in good condition. You MUST make sure to inquire about the following: life jackets and life rings, main and spare anchor, emergency kit, fire extinguisher, navigation lights and passive radar reflector! These are the few items that will keep the boat safe while it will save peoples lives if any unexpected situation occurs.  

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Size of the Boat

There is a whole spectrum of reasons why you might be looking for boat hire. Maybe you have some special occasion you would like to celebrate on the boat with family and friends, or you are eager to have a big game fishing adventure, or you are simply looking for an easy day on the water while relaxing and enjoying a hot day in Dubrovnik.

In any way, the number of people you plan to have on the boat must correlate with the boat size that you are looking to hire. If your group is large, a smaller cruiser or a party boat should be the best option. Smaller catamarans also come into consideration and if you are looking for just that, we might be able to assist you with finding one. A relatively smaller boat will do well if you have around 3-5 persons on board.

Dubrovnik Boat Rent has 3 boats in ownership while the sizes range between 6 to 9 meters having inboard and outboard engines. While deciding about the boat size and the right boat for you we always suggest that boat needs to be spacious enough compared to the number of people on the boat. It is always better to feel comfortable during the day especially if you are taking a boat for a full day or more day rental.

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Availability of Maps & Charts

When searching for a good boat rental option in Dubrovnik, you should definitely take the boat equipment into consideration. In modern days some equipment is more accessible and became a standard than it was in the past and such a piece of equipment is a GPS system or chart plotter. If your desired boat doesn’t have such, you do want to make sure that the boat rental company has maps and charts on the boat. If you are not familiar with the area of sailing, it will not be easy to know your way around, especially if the only thing you can see is an empty horizon.

We all have modern cellphones and Google Maps are commonly used, and you could work your way around with the bare cell phone in hand. Still, a decent boat rental company should definitely take a step further to ensure that all safety steps are taken care of. Dubrovnik Boat Rent strongly believes that any boat which is used for charter or bareboat rental MUST have a GPS system installed disregarding the boat size.

For this reason, you need to make sure that your boat of choice has maps and charts available on the boat. Without maps, you are likely to encounter some challenges finding your safe navigational path and maybe you will not feel confident to visit all the places you planned to see.

Like many other boat rentals services, Dubrovnik Boat Rent offers guided boat rentals or skippered boat tours of the Dubrovnik Archipelago. Having a private boat tour is allowing you a worry less boating experience while providing memorizing day sailing and uncovering all the hidden gems that Dubrovnik has to offer.

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Your Budget Matters

You might be under impression that boat rental is something which is over budget for you and that these kinds of experiences are only reserved for well-situated people. Well, I must stop you there and say that you are wrong, unfortunately.

Boat rentals are a luxury for sure but in our opinion, they are still an affordable luxury for almost everyone, especially since the cost of boat rental can be split among several people while reducing the cost per individual. If you are considering having a private boat tour or to rent a boat in Dubrovnik this summer, you do want to give us a call to check what Dubrovnik Boat Rent has to offer.

We believe that water activities should be available for anyone and that’s our guiding line. Of course, you should have a budget in mind and that should be a good starting point. Sometimes, you will find boat rental companies that will promise the land and sky, but in the end, you will get only crumbs.

Personally, I always prefer to speak with the person directly than writing emails and hoping that the person on the other side will respond to all my questions and that I will get all the info I need. When speaking with the person directly, you can get much more information and at the same time, you can get some insight about who you have business with. What is certain is that while speaking with someone, during the conversation, some more questions will come to your mind, and this way you will be able to get all your questions answered in just a few minutes.

Dubrovnik Boat Rent always kept good and fair relationships with all our guests what you can actually see yourself from many reviews that we have on popular platforms like Tripadvisor and Google. Contact Us today and see firsthand why we are among the best few companies, if not the BEST in Dubrovnik to be your local host when looking for water adventures.

Time to Rent a Boat

There is not much to say about that. Your perfect boat adventure awaits you in Dubrovnik whether you are looking for a Private Boat Tour or Boat Rental Without Skipper in Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik Boat Rent offers half-day and full-day boat rentals that fit all your boating needs and budgets. Give Us a call today and book your own Dubrovnik boat adventure.

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  1. I liked it when you shared that it is great to rent a boat for some special occasion you would like to celebrate with family and friends. My friend just mentioned the other day that she is planning to host a bachelorette party for her friend who is getting married in a few weeks. I will suggest to her rent a boat where she can have the occasion there.

    1. Dubrovnik Boat Rent

      Thank you Taylor. We are able to organize party boats as well for smaller and larger groups which would include a half or full-day cruise around Dubrovnik and Elafiti Islands. We are here for any assistance necessary! Cheers, DBR

  2. It made sense when you stated that any boat charter must have a GPS installed regardless of the size of the boat. My friends are inviting me to join in their water relaxation. I think I also need that, so I’ll help them book a boat charter.

  3. Kate Hansen

    My husband and I are wanting to plan a spring break trip with our 2 kids in a couple of weeks, and we want to look into renting a boat for the vacation. We’ll make sure to keep these tips in mind as we search for a company to rent a boat from.

  4. If I were to go on a boat trip to photograph whales, I would make sure to look for a known boat tour. Thank you for sharing that it will be best to have the chosen boat inspected too. I also agree with you that it will be wiser to compare prices.

  5. The other day my brother said that he is planning to buy a boat since he and his family enjoy going on water trips. I do agree that other than looking at the budget, we should also be mindful of the size. I will definitely keep this information in mind when I help my brother shop for a new boat.

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