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Best Beaches In Dubrovnik To Keep You Cool This Summer

The Best

Beaches In Dubrovnik To Keep You Cool This Summer

11Dubrovnik pile city walls

The beauty of Dubrovnik is the combination of a bunch of different things, like history, medieval architecture and scenic location overlooking the Adriatic Sea which makes Dubrovnik one of the most beautiful cities in Europe… There’s the charming and gorgeous fortified Old Town, rightly designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site, filled with medieval and renaissance architecture, stories and legends.

There are many things to do in Dubrovnik, like shopping or fine dining in one of many excellent restaurants dotting the entire Old Town, but the best thing to do during the hot summer days is just relaxing at many fantastic beaches near Dubrovnik. 

Dubrovnik is a top-class destination when it comes to untouched nature and stunning beaches which add something special and relaxing to a place filled with history and culture. there is nothing better than picking a different beach every day and taking a soak in the crystal-clear Adriatic sea. Join Us @ Dubrovnik Boat Rent and explore some of the best and memorizing places and islands in the Dubrovnik area. Contact us today and discover some of the Best Beaches in Dubrovnik this summer. If this sounds good for you take a look @ our Private Boat Tours in Dubrovnik or kindly get in touch if you might need any assistance.

Banje Beach Dubrovnik      

By far, the most famous beach in Dubrovnik is Banje Beach. I believe there is no local person who did not visit this beach at some point in life and spent at least one summer hanging out and making friendships on this amazing location in Dubrovnik. Banje Beach is often present on lists featuring the best of Dubrovnik. With its spot-on location, this scenic pebble beach lies within easy walking distance from the Old Town. 

The view of the Old Town is probably the best from Banje Beach Dubrovnik from where you get a phenomenal view of the City Walls while relaxing in the shades with the cocktail in your hand. Amenities include showers and toilets, umbrellas, and for those looking for some extra adrenaline, there are water sport activities. The beach is open free for the public, but part of the beach is under concession so don’t forget to bring some Kunas with you if you prefer to have a bit of luxury and shade. 


St. Jackob (Sveti Jakov) Beach Dubrovnik

Sveti Jakov lies only a bit further from the Old Town in the same direction as Banje Beach and is definitely a lot less crowded, which many people prefer especially in these new normal times. This rocky and pebbly beach is also very popular and visited by locals. There are regular beach amenities like showers, changing room, beach bar and restaurant. This beach did hit the list of was This beach was You reach this spot, one of the nicest beaches in Croatia most beautiful European beaches by the Independent. Indeed, for those who don’t like the steps, reaching this beach can be a bit tricky. Just on the beach entrance there is a descend with a lot of stairs which is perhaps also a reason why it’s less crowded. Walking back can be a bit tiring, so think again if you have very small kids in your hands.

Although this beach is less visited than other Dubrovnik beaches, it does offer amazing views of the Dubrovnik Old Town and Lokrum Island. Actually, it’s ideal if you’re looking for a “remote” and quiet place to read a book while overlooking the Old Town. This beach by far has a most beautiful sunset view while the sun falls behind the city walls in the evening. Speaking as a local, this place is probably the best sunset place, to be in arms with the person you cherish for!

11Dubrovnik Sveti jakov beach

Betina Cave Beach Dubrovnik

Betina Cave Beach is a hidden treasure in Dubrovnik. To get there, you have two options: take one of the many boat rides or kayak out to sea and explore this impressive rock cave wonderland. Alternatively, if that’s not your thing, then head a bit more south from Banje Beach to Đivovići Bach where very close by Betina cave lies waiting for its lucky tourists. Don’t worry about being completely secluded because it’s only accessible through water!

The view from this small but super-scenic beach is amazing. You can kayak into or anchor your boat just off the shore and swim there. The cave is offering fantastic snorkelling opportunities with clear water that’s only matched by its horizons! There may be some rocks so wear water shoes if you plan on coming ashore. No matter which way things go though, enjoy yourself because every time we come here I’m always blown away at how beautiful our surroundings are. A great place for both fishermen as well as adventurers seeking an adrenaline rush…


Buža Beach Dubrovnik

A tiny beach in the heart of Dubrovnik Old Town, Buža Beach lies just beneath the City Walls. You can get there via a small doorway—the door to St. Stephen–which opens onto a beautiful rocky ledge underneath the walls. Without question, this is one of the coolest and best beaches in Dubrovnik Old Town vicinity. Only a few steps away from the Cathedral and the main street Stradun, Buza beach is offering a unique view of Lokrum Island and the City walls as well!

The beach at night is something you’ll never forget. There are so many lights that line up on top of each other making it look like you’re walking through a fairy tale where dreams come true. A lively bar offers drinks and refreshments, so make sure to come here for a cold drink on the rocks with an amazing view! The steepness makes this spot not ideal for kids, but adults will enjoy themselves more than kids would! Sheer cliffs where seagulls fly overhead or ships passing far out into the open sea, not many places are special like Buza beach.

11buza beach dubrovnik

Sulic Beach Dubrovnik

Sulic Beach is one of the cleanest and quietest beaches in all of Dubrovnik. It has a tiny area covered by rocks, but it doesn’t really matter because this serene spotless beach does not suffer from too many visitors! If you want to enjoy some time away with your loved ones without having them buddy around through crowds or noise pollution, then head down to Sulic Beach. It is good for kids and 2 bars top up the amenities of the beach!

If you’re looking for a secluded, yet conveniently located Dubrovnik beach that offers unique views of some of the city’s major attractions then look no further than this one. Sheltered between Lovrijenac Fortress and Park Gradac which sits high atop sea cliff with breathtaking oceanic scenery all around it!

11sulic best beach Dubrovnik

Danče Beach Dubrovnik

If you’re looking for a serene place to spend your time in Dubrovnik, then head down the coast. Danče Beach is one such spot where clear water meets jagged rocks and inviting sunbathing spots are everywhere! If it’s not too hot or cold where YOU live, make sure that when summertime rolls around again this year – You’ll be able to enjoy an afternoon at one of Croatia’s most beautiful beaches. The unique thing about this beach is that the Franciscan monastery is located just close by where the nuns greet the passing ships by ringing the church bells!

Since the beach is open to open water it means that waves may be higher and rougher. If you have small children with you or just don’t want them running around too much at any given time, then Banje Beach would likely suit your needs better!

11Dance beach dubrovnik

Uvala Lapad – Sunset Beach Dubrovnik

The beautiful Lapad Bay and Sunset Beach Dubrovnik are easily accessible by bus, and probably it’s not the first time you’ve heard about this place. Sunset Beach Dubrovnik features a bay with waves as they come up overhead while relaxing on their sandy shores! It lies just south of Babin Kuk peninsula—a short distance westward from Old Town where many accommodation places and restaurants are located. The main and most popular beach of Uvala Lapad area is the Sunset Beach Dubrovnik while the popular Bar located on the spot. 

This family-friendly public Sunset Beach Dubrovnik is said to be the largest of all Dubrovnik beaches. It has plenty of amenities for everyone, young and old alike – with lifeguards overseeing shallow waters as well! 

11dubrovnik best beaches Sunset

Bellevue Beach Dubrovnik

If you’re looking for a secluded beach close by the Old Town, look no further than Bellevue Beach. The small pebble cove is just 15 minutes walking distance from the Old Town and has stunning views! Cliffs surround the beach, while there are also a couple of interesting caves around.

The wide-open spaces are a popular place for sunbathing, swimming and cliff jumping. There are several facilities which you’ll find on the spot like a restaurant and a snack bar, serving food and drinks.

11Beach belvedere dubrovnik

Copacabana Beach Dubrovnik

The Babin Kuk peninsula is the ultimate destination for all your beachfront needs. Numerous hotels are located here, each with its unique location and gorgeous views! Copacabana Beach Croatia lies below Valamar Hotels and is one of the most popular beaches in the area. Having the same name as the famous Brazilian beach, Copacabana offers several amenities like water sports, restaurants and bars. It is easy to get to from the Old Town from where bus number 6 takes you toward this place. 

You’ll never want to leave this beach! You can do anything from lazing away the afternoon on a lounge chair or renting jet skis and sea kayaks. If that doesn’t sound fun enough there are also parachute riding classes available to provide even more adventure options for those looking into trying new things outside their comfort zones. What’s not great about having an amazing time with friends by taking them banana boating or just enjoying some cocktail time on the beach! It tends to be crowded though, so prepare yourself for this! 

11Dubrovnik best beacges Copacabana Beach Club

Cava Beach Dubrovnik

Cava Beach is a small pebble and gravel beach dotted with palm trees, boasting many high-end amenities. Located near Copacabana Beach it has become one of the most fashionable destinations for tourists looking to enjoy some sun on their vacation! What kind do vibe does cava have though? It feels more like an exclusive getaway where people come not only because they want relaxingly beautiful surroundings but also because everything else around offers something special.

The Coral Beach Club is the perfect place to spend your days in town. You can enjoy a refreshing cocktail and some snacks while lounging on our beautiful beaches with views that will leave you speechless! Cava offers something new every single time – whether it’s weddings or other events like birthday parties; Cava is a nice place even for evening parties as well.

11Dubrovnik Coral Beach Club

Beaches On Dubrovnik Islands

11Elafiti Islands drone photo

Lokrum Island Beach Dubrovnik

The leisurely boat ride from Dubrovnik is only 20 minutes long but it feels like so much longer because there’s no rush-just total relaxation on this serene archipelago in Croatia ́s Adriatic Sea. The historical buildings, botanical garden and numerous trails will take your breath away on this unique oasis of peace and tranquillity called Lokrum island.

You will not be able to find a soft beach on Lukrum, as the whole island is a solid rock carved by the age of time! Still, there are flat rocks on the outer side of the islands offering beautiful places to stretch your towel. The south side end of the island allows full nudity as one of the very few places in the Dubrovnik area. 

If you are after peace & quiet, then Lokrum is the perfect place for you. The beaches on this island are among the most serene in all of Dubrovnik!

11Lokrum island rock

Sunj Beach Dubrovnik

Lopud Island is a perfect day trip from Dubrovnik. The island can be reached in 15 minutes by Dubrovnik Boat Rental or by local ferry line, and has many reasons why it’s so much fun! Sunj Beach – one-of-a-kind sandy beach with shallow waters perfect for kids or beginner swimmers who want an easy exit if they’re feeling uncomfortable at any time during their visit.

There are a few bars with drinks and refreshments as well as and restaurants with grilled food at Sunj Beach that will serve good for an enjoyable lunch break! For larger meals, stroll back toward Lopud harbour to visit one main settlement restaurant. We recommend trying something local like fresh seabass fille or octopus salad!

11dubrovnik best beaches sunj aerial

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