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Reasons Why to Have Boat Rentals in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Reasons Why to Have

Boat Rentals in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is one of the most enthralling cities to visit in Croatia. A beautiful small medieval city on the Adriatic Sea with an ancient history, it loves calling itself the “Pearl of The Adriatic”. While that may sound like a cliché for any number of reasons, there are only a few places more captivating than this little corner on earth!

The beauty of Dubrovnik is the combination of a bunch of different things, like history, medieval architecture and scenic location overlooking the Adriatic Sea which makes Dubrovnik one of the most beautiful cities in Europe… There’s the charming and gorgeous fortified Old Town, rightly designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, filled with medieval and renaissance architecture, baroque buildings, stories and legends.

Yacht Charter in Dubrovnik with Dubrovnik Boat Rent

The city of Dubrovnik is located in the south of Croatia and is one of the most beautiful towns in Croatia. The Old Town impresses its visitors with the historic city walls, which are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Discover the Old Town and its city walls either by foot or by boat rentals. Enjoy a stunning view of the Adriatic coast from the city walls or admire the sunset from the deck of a boat charter or yacht charter in Dubrovnik.

The Dubrovnik Old Town is only one thing on the list. Get your feet wet and enjoy the thrill with your boat charter, yacht charter or boat rental while exploring the Elafiti Islands on a boat ride. Treat yourself to some fantastic day on the water, fine dining with fresh Mediterranean seafood on some small islands around Dubrovnik or some great views at sunset.

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Water Access – Rent a Boat in Dubrovnik

Being out on the water is an experience like no other. We all know how much fun it is to go sailing on motor boat or sailing boat as the feeling of excitement is unbeatable. But, did you know there are plenty of other reasons for boating and spending the day on the water and on the boat should be great for anyone? We have six reasons why everyone should have a boat rental and try this great experience!

More than 90% of European citizens live less than an hour away from the water either sea, lake or river which is navigable by boat. You shouldn’t be left out! Renting a boat is so much fun and if you don’t have much experience you can rent a boat with a skipper for the start and build your sailing experience over time. If you already have prior sailing experience then the answer is there…get out there and enjoy yourself by renting a boat if you don’t have your own boat! It’s always the perfect time to be a captain and to have your own private boat rental.

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Suggested sailing routes from Dubrovnik – Best places to visit

Dubrovnik is a top-class destination when it comes to untouched nature. Nearby islands, stunning Banje beach and hidden gems add something special and relaxing to a place filled with history and culture. There is nothing better than picking a different beach every day and taking a soak in the crystal-clear Adriatic sea.

There are numerous opportunities to explore nearby islands. National park Mljet is just nearby and its crystal clear waters will leave you stunned. It all really depends on your preference. You may also book your tour with a skipper so this way you will be able to visit all those best places which Dubrovnik has to offer.

Sailing Vacation – Affordable Luxury

Owning a boat, motor yacht or sailing boat in Dubrovnik is an expensive sport. Actually, it’s the same anywhere in the world. Still, renting a boat is the perfect way to enjoy the Dalmatian coast without breaking your bank! Not only does it cost less than owning one as the operation, maintenance and storage are taken care of by someone else and you don’t have to worry about anything, but you also don’t have to be an experienced sailor and you don’t need to have sailing experience so even people who aren’t skilled ‘Maritimos’ can still have fun on their summer vacation!

We think the idea of not having to worry about anything other than reserving, using, and returning the boat sounds like a paradise. All you have to do is to take a boat in Dubrovnik for the day at an agreed-upon rental price and let the boating company handle everything else about cleaning, maintenance and similar.

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Best time to rent a boat in Dubrovnik

The sailing season in Dubrovnik starts already in mid-April which is the low season and lasts till about the end of September. October knows to have very calm weather for sailing even though it’s already a bit cold. The high season months are June, July and August of course, as most people do take vacations in this period. Having the option to charter in a non-peak period makes the day trip quieter and cheaper. When cruise ships come to Dubrovnik, the Old City is packed with people and traffic. Our warm recommendation is to book your own trip away from the Old Town in the morning hours while booking one of the day trips to Elafiti Islands. The climate in Dubrovnik is mild during the entire sailing period, so actually whenever you decide to visit this beautiful city, you will not regret it.

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Boating is a Bonding Experience

Who wants to go fishing when you can enjoy the scenery and have a great time with your friends or family? Some recent studies on this subject by Marine Association do show that relaxing on the boat and riding through beautiful waters and sceneries is more enjoyable than actually doing some fishing. So, book yourself a boat rental and enjoy a good time with friends and family!

Good Exercise

Dubrovnik yacht charter is a great way to get some fresh air, relax and enjoy nature while it’s a good exercise at the same time. There’s nothing better than spending time outdoors during the summer. Bareboat charter in Dubrovnik is the gateway for many water activities like swimming, hiking or just hanging out on the boat while enjoying the sea air and all kinds of wildlife!

Check out our blog on the hidden gems of the Dubrovnik Islands to learn how to find all the amazing places that Dubrovnik yacht charter allows.

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Do you need a boat license to rent a boat in Croatia?

If you wish to rent a boat in Croatia you can do so after completing an approved boating safety course which is very short when going for 1st stage license which does allow you to operate motor yacht. The Boating license issued by the Harbormasters’ offices is also responsible for controlling navigation in the internal and territorial waters of the Republic of Croatia, actions of search and rescue on the sea, the inspection of navigation safety and others.

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Easy to Learn

You may well be a novice when it comes to the exciting world of sailing, but don’t worry! All those sailing rules are there for one reason: so you can enjoy your time onboard without getting into trouble with local authorities and be safe at all times! The less experienced sailors among us will soon enough become experts as they familiarize themselves more closely with every aspect – from how best to navigate the boat on tricky waters and high wind or deal the docking alongside the pier or other vessels.

Enjoy the sights and sounds on your sailing vacation onboard one of our many boats and your private boat rental while exploring the Croatian coast.

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Ready for your boat trip in Dubrovnik?!

When you’re looking for the perfect boat to take on your next adventure, there are a lot of factors that need consideration. One thing we recommend is checking out our blog post detailing how to choose the best boat rental. Also, take a look at our blog about the thing you need to know before you charter a boat.

Now that you’re prepared and excited to enjoy all that boating can do for you, it’s time to Contact Us with confidence. Join Dubrovnik Boat Rent and explore some of the best and most memorizing places on Elaphiti islands in the Dubrovnik area. Contact us today and book your perfect day for Croatian Islands exploration. Discover local islands and Best Beaches in Dubrovnik with a style with boat rentals Dubrovnik. If this sounds good for you take a look @ our Boat and Yacht Charter options or kindly get in touch if you might need any assistance.

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